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Your intimate area is delicate! Protect it with our range of care products with 97% naturally-sourced ingredients, for daily use.

Daily use

Cavaillès, the natural choice for intimate hygiene at every time of life. The range consists of five products with 97% natural formulas specially designed to meet the needs of every woman.

Natural Intimate Hygiene Care for Little Girls
Natural freshness intimate cleanser
Moisturizing Intimate Wipes
Natural Antibacterial Intimate Cleanser
Antibacterial Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Natural Extra-Gentle Intimate Cleanser
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Intimate flora

Feminine Intimate Hygiene: why use a special product for daily intimate hygiene?

A woman’s body is subject to a host of hormonal fluctuations, and it changes in step with the menstrual cycle, the various stages of life, and external phenomena (such as stress, fatigue, or medical treatment). This has direct consequences for the intimate flora. The intimate flora is our protective barrier against external irritants. It consists of the bacteria that live inside the vagina. There are billions of them and, in their normal state, they cohabit harmoniously. They of course include a great many good bacteria, called Lactobacilli, which provide defense against external irritants and maintain an acid pH of around 5.5 for the external area. But there are also “bad” bacteria that are not serious irritants in low numbers, but which can become pathogenic in the event of an imbalance. This is why effective intimate hygiene is essential in order to protect your intimate flora on a daily basis and give it the right kind of care for its needs at every time of life. A specific intimate cleansing product includes an ultra-gentle base and specially-selected ingredients that care for your intimate area.

Feminine Intimate Hygiene: The Cavaillès range of natural daily intimate hygiene products

In 2020, the Cavaillès range of daily intimate hygiene products really came into its own. The cleansing base was reformulated with 97% naturally-sourced ingredients that are very well tolerated and do not disturb the balance of the intimate mucous membranes. These hygiene products cleanse gently and provide an immediate feeling of comfort. They are suitable for daily use and contain an exclusive prebiotic agent that stimulates the body’s natural defenses for stronger, longlasting protection. And to support every woman at every stage of life, the range contains four products, each with proven effectiveness for women at a specific age and time of life. An additional fifth product in the range is specifically aimed at little girls, whose extremely delicate intimate area is often prone to irritation and itching.